Micha Jerusalem, the Association for the Rehabilitation of  Deaf  and Hard of Hearing Children, was founded in 1969 to help bridge the gap between hearing-impaired children and their hearing peers, and to help them take their rightful place as equal citizens in mainstream Israeli society.

Micha bridges another gap, too. The government only becomes involved – partially – in the treatment  of  handicapped  children from the age of three. For the hearing-impaired child however, this is far too late for effective help. This is where MICHA steps in. Under our universal charter, every single infant in Israel – whatever his religion, or creed – is eligible for critical intervention during the vital early months and years.  No child  regardless  of the family`s financial situation, is denied the services fo MICHA once hearing – impairment has been determined.

Micha is a multidisciplinary  center  which meets the therapeutic and educational needs of children with hearing loss from birth to first grade. Our vision is to provide each hard of hearing child with the tools to acquire good communication, language and speech skills and to give each child an equal opportunity to develop his or her potential and fully integrate into society,  regardless oftheir religion, race and background in a way that respect the cultural heritage of each child.

MICHA`s goals

MICHA maintains a twin focus in all that pertains to the hearing- impaired child: the child himself, and the parents.

Within that framework MICHA`s primary goals are:

To help the hearing-impaired  child develop communication skills

To develop the hearing – impaired child`s educational potential to the maximum.

To ensure that every hearing-impaired  child receives special education and training.

MICHA Jerusalem has a professional and attentive multidisciplinary team that guides the parents and takes care of their children.

 All of that so we can overcome the challenges along the way and help the children to grow, develop and to fulfill their dreams.

The communicative challenge:

Every child is one of a kind. Together with his or her family, we find the unique way that suits the child to communicate with his surroundings and to acquire language. The speech therapy team of MICHA Jerusalem knows the many approaches and methods that exist today, in order to acquire language and specializes in matching the most appropriate approach to each child.

Alongside these, parental guidance program is available to parents by working in groups, home visits and individual meetings so family communication would become effective and natural process.

The Audiologist challenge:

Today's technology offers various solutions for different hearing disabilities. MICHA's Professional staff guides, directs and helps in finding the most suitable solution for each child. All services, tests and examinations are located at our innovative Audiological center, all under one roof, so that the children and parents will not have to run around from place to place.

Here you can: perform hearing tests, fit hearing aids, facilities Diagnostic language test s, have support of cochlear implant surgery process and purchase at cost price range of hearing aids.

The emotional challenge:

At MICHA Jerusalem, it's Important to us to strengthen the children not only in linguistic and auditory areas, but also help them develop positive self-image and self-confidence.

Therefore, we match each child with a program to strengthening and empowerment combined with a range of emotional and developmental therapies: movement therapy, gardening therapy, animal assisted therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy and more.

The educational challenge:

In the area of education there are many options available to the whole family. We believe it is important to equip each child with the best tools from early childhood, so that in the future he will be able to fit into any educational environment in which the parents choose.

For this purpose we have established an extensive educational and professional alignment with a variety of options:

  • Kindergarten near home: Detailed Integration at regular kindergarten by selection of the parents, alongside supportive treatment plan. Our team is in constant contact with kindergarten staff and guides them as needed.
  • Meitarim (strings) kindergarten at MICHA Jerusalem: MICHA Jerusalem operates a unique and charming kindergarten-one of a kind in Israel, which integrates hearing impaired children with hearing children. Integration of children in the kindergarten allows them to develop in a regular educational environment with all the benefits of professional support and treatment.
  • Kindergarten with mommy: Parents who prefer to stay with their child at home or to incorporate them in the kindergarten near the house, we offer the "Kindergarten with mommy" project- one day of the week that allows moms to meet with other moms, spend time with the child in a morning full with rich activities and receive guidance from speech therapists and certified kindergarten teacher.

MICHA Jerusalem was established in 1969 by parents and professionals who wanted to create a professional, reliable and available place for to the families of hearing impaired children. Since then, the Jerusalem MICHA Center provides preschool children and their families care, support and guidance from diagnosis to integration in the education system.

MICHA Jerusalem provides many services:

  • Individual speech lessons.
  • Kindergarten classes.
  • Audiological testing.
  • Fitting/lending of hearing aids.
  • Psychological testing and counseling.
  • Counseling by social workers.
  • Special guidance courses for parents.
  • Home care services.
  • Special summer programs.
  • A game and book library.
  • A professional library.
  • A scholarship fund for MICHA graduates.
  • Hearing aids lending bank, store for discounts hearing aids

And a host of other MICHA activities

Training  for university students.

Activities For general public aimed raising awareness of the problems of the


Special conferences. advanced courses and workshops for professionals.

Involvement in research projects  relating to hearing – impairment.

Volunteers – the backbone of MICHA

Ever since MICHA commenced its activities, volunteers have been a mainstay of the organization. These dedicated individuals give of their time and energy in a selfless  manner that is a true inspiration to all concerned.

What you can do to help

We like to regard our work with the hearing-impaired as an investment. The greater effort we make in the first formative years, the more spectacular are the results that we achieve. Today, with sophisticated detection and treatment techniques at our disposal, we can help hearing-impaired children grow into fully functioning members of Israel society.

But we cannot do it alone, and this is where you come in.

We rely a great deal on support from outside sources. Your help is crucial. In whatever way you care to give, you will be making a real difference in someone`s life.

Next time you are in Jerusalem, come visit us. Watch the babies and toddlers at play.

See them Learn. Observe their smiles. Nurture their futures.

If ever there was a satisfying investment, these children are surely it.

MICHA Jerusalem
Association for the Rehabilitation of
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children

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